Welcome to SchoolGuise

SchoolGuise has been supplying school uniform direct to schools and students since 2000, both school specific embroidered and printed uniform and general schoolwear.

Stocking good quality tried-and-tested schoolwear brands such as Banner, David Luke, Falcon, Rowlinson, Trutex, William Turner and Zeco, we offer customers the convenience of shopping online with home delivery.

If your school uniform is not listed, please contact us and we'll do all we can to help.

SchoolGuise is supporting the Schoolwear Association's ongoing campaign to abolish VAT on school uniform.

As you will be all too aware the cost of living is a subject that is high on everyone's agenda, and the cost of schoolwear will undoubtedly feature in the debate.  Currently 20% VAT is applied to all school uniform in youth/adult sizes from age 14.

We can all help in trying to level the playing field for all pupils, regardless of size, by joining the Schoolwear Association's campaign to abolish VAT on all school specific uniform (uniform decorated with a school's logo).  This will in real terms cost the Government very little by way of loss of income whilst helping all families meet the cost of uniform.  Treating all children with parity will result in significant savings over a child's school years.




"SchoolGuise has been supplying good quality, tried-and-tested school uniform direct to schools and students since 2000."